Staff Training & Staff Hire

If your looking to add unique & exciting cocktails or premium spirits to your menus to wow your customers your going to need your team ready and able to deliver them in a confident and professional manner. That's where we can help! We will train your team to deliver amazing cocktails as well as how to serve your premium products to show them off at their best!

Also if your looking to run a cocktail night or promotion, or offer something extra to a party booking, we have a team of fully trained staff ready to jump in on any bar and make sure your night goes down a storm with customers!


 Product Advice!

If your new to cocktails and premium spirits or just looking to revamp your bar and menu then this is where we can help! We will help you bring a new energy to your menu by:

  • Advising on new and exciting products that popular with customers!

  • Advise on the set up of your new products to best show them off.

  • Help set your bar to ensure the delivery of your cocktails is professional and polished.

  • Design a custom cocktail menu as well as provide marketing advice to let everyone know what’s on offer!

  • We can even source in the products, equipment and garnishes for you at great prices through our partners - Brothers’N’Booze


 Full Consultation.

This package is a start to finish consultation for your bar, everything from stocking and staffing to marketing and presentation, we will help with every step in transforming your bar, menu and team into something completely unique to wow your customers! This package includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Product and menu revamp

  • Bar structure an presentation change

  • Staff training and hire.

  • Product and equipment sourcing

  • Marketing and launch campaign planning

Click below to get in touch to book a free and no obligation pre consultation meeting with us to discuss what we can do for you!